Hello, my name is Brandon Aldridge.

I would like to ask for your support as I run for the Lynn Haven Commission Seat 1.

These are very uncertain days in which we are living, and I believe strong leadership is necessary for Lynn Haven's future growth and posterity. I am a husband, father of two little girls, and a manufacturing business owner who understands what the people of Lynn Haven are going through post Michael. From raising my daughters to employing locals to rebuilding my home and business after the storm, I know the "ups" and "downs" families are going through.

I have served on the Bay County Teen Court Advisory Board and currently serve on the RESTORE Act Advisory Board (B.P. Oil Spill Committee), Bay County Non Profit Advisory Board and Lynn Haven Planning Board. My desire to serve the people of Lynn Haven comes from the most sincere interest to help and lead our way to a vibrant secure future in Lynn Haven!

Hurricane Michael will not hold us down nor hinder our progress and dream of a better, brighter future in Lynn Haven. Our vision for the future of Lynn Haven starts with us now, this very day, making choices for tomorrow.

I have four main points in my platform that I believe will help secure Lynn Haven's future. Please take a moment to review my ideas as we begin our movement!
God Bless

My Platform

Please take a moment to review my ideas below.

Focus on Lynn Haven's Future

I love Lynn Haven! I purchased my first home as an adult and am raising my beautiful daughters in Lynn Haven. I truly believe that Lynn Haven is "the place to live" in all of Bay County.


Listen to the Citizens

Citizen's lives are affected by decisions being made by the City Commission. I propose the City of Lynn Haven work very closely with citizen groups...


Promote Industry and Manufacturing

The Lynn Haven Commission needs to be as involved as possible in creating a welcoming environment for the promotion of manufacturing and industry.


Operate Lynn Haven Like a Business

The local government needs to operate like a private sector business. Keeping a balanced budget and spending wisely is necessary for not only survival...


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